Towing Electrical Product Accessories

Towing Electrical Product Accessories

Heavy Duty Vehicle 7-Way Round Connector/Adapter

P/N; CSW-1807-HK: The vehicle 7-way round connector/adapter 20" long, conveniently mounts under bumper with supplied bracket and can be installed as a new, replacement, or can be adapted to an existing 4-way vehicle application and includes hardware kit, instructions and clam shell packaging.


Heavy Duty Vehicle 4-Way Flat Connector/Bracket/Cap.

P/N; CB-1860-HK: The one-piece molded vehicle 60" 4-way connector bracket and weather cap is easily mounted under hitch crossbar or bumper and includes hardware kit, instructions and clam shell packaging.


Heavy Duty 5-Way Flat Vehicle/Trailer Connector.

P/N; H6005F-FB Car End
P/N; H6005F-MB Trailer End
P/N; 4FM-A-5FF Adapter
Heavy duty 5-way flat vehicle/trailer connectors with 60" 16 gauge bonded SAE color coded wire featuring electric brake circuit blue wire for newer trailer applications. The adapter connects a 4-way vehicle to a 5-way trailer, with a back-up lockup circuit wire override feature.


Heavy Duty Wishbone 4-Way Trailer Wire Harness Kit.

P/N; H2504F-MWB-HK: 16 gauge wishbone 4-way 25 ft. trailer wire harness can be easily installed as a replacement to any trailer wire application and includes hardware kit, instructions and clam shell packaging.


Four Way Flat Female Connector Cap.

P/N; CH4F-F Bulk P/N; BCH4F-F: Bag All weather specially designed santopremeā„¢ protection cap for four way female connector providing long lasting protection against shorting out, corrosion and damage to connector body. Ideal for auto, truck and R.V. trailering applications. and can be attached to all approved S.A.E. four way female connectors.


Vehicle 4-Way LED Circuit Tester with Extension Wiring

P/N; ECT-1504F-M: This 4-way LED vehicle circuit tester has a 15 foot extension wire for the convenience of testing your 4-way vehicle connector while sitting in the driver seat of your vehicle and includes instruction card and clam shell packaging.


Four Way Circuit Tester LED.

P/N; CT4F-M Bulk P/N; BCT4F-M Bag: Four way flat male connector Circuit Tester plugs into vehicle female and connector indicating whether wiring is properly operating through L.E.D.s. The circuit tester can also verify correct installation of vehicle tail lighting converter applications.


Hookie Circuit Tester

P/N; HCT-1200: The hooded hook protects your fingers and centers the wire being tested. The ETS "Hookie" Circuit Tester is small in size allowing use in the tightest applications and quickly tests low voltage up to 28 volts. Includes instruction card and clam shell packaging.